Riviera Kakome Company

Riviera Kakome Ltd. is a private company registered in the state of Albania. The
company, together with its’ two shareholders, owns 290,000 sqm of land in the
spectacular bay of Kakome, Albania. “Riviera Kakome” has elaborated together
with an Italian architecture studio a state-approved project for the development
of an exclusive sea resort + residential area. The company has the right to modify
the project at any time this may be considered necessary. The only condition the
project should respect is:

Not more than 10.5% of the totally owned 290,000 sqm area can be used
for construction development, and the maximum allowed height is 2 floors
above the ground level, for all the buildings, which makes a maximum
total built-up area of 60,900 sqm (10,5% x 290,000 x 2 floors).

Once the above-mentioned condition is respected, the project offers full flexibility to
its investors, architects and developers on what the place will look like. The flexibility
the project offers combined with the extremely favorable conditions under which
the land was privatized, makes the profile of the investment remarkably attractive.
“Riviera Kakome” has also already invested more than 3mln euro in building the
infrastructure of the bay.
The company shareholders Mr. Luan Leka and Mr. Dritan Celaj are two of the
most well-known Albanian businessmen and each of them owns 50% of “Riviera
Kakome” Ltd.
As pioneers in the international tourism development of Albania, in July 2009
the team, founded back in the years by Mr. Leka and Mr. Celaj, was asked to
elaborate the Albanian Tourism Strategy 2017. They accepted the challenge and
subsequently, part of the strategy has been published in the most important
newspaper in the country – “Panorama”, which is a remarkable recognition for
the investors’ professional involvement in the touristic sector in Albania.
“Riviera Kakome” Ltd. welcomes eventual strategic partners, investors and hotel
operators in order to develop together and in the best possible way the concept of
“Kakome Bay Resort”.


The Bay of Kakome

Kakome Bay is located near the Albanian city of Saranda, facing the Corfu Island.
World leading tour operators and leisure real estate specialists have announced it
one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean and certainly the pearl of the
Albanian coast. In many have been impressed by the natural beauty, the virgin
nature, the peacefulness of the area and also by the crystal clear sea water.
Following, some quotes of leading leisure real estate experts in evaluating Kakome:

“Characteristics of the gulf of Kakome”

  • Beauty
  • Exclusivity (the impression of being unique in the world)
  • A wild and virgin environment: the one that gives us the opportunity to project and construct an incomparable ex-nihilo village
  • An archeological area in the vicinity of Butrint and a city dating back to the XIII-th century (Gjirokastra)
  • A transparent sea
  • Two enclosed beaches in the middle of the nature:
    • number 1, in the heart of the village,
    • number 2, next to the village, easily accessible
  • 290 sunny days a year
  • A wonderful temperature (rarely higher than 30 Celsius degrees)”

They also suggest an efficient solution in order to guaranty an easy access to the
bay for any international tourist:

“Corfu’s airport shall be used for the clients departure and arrival, in order to
preserve the sense of adventure and to avoid any poor infrastructure. The short
trip from Corfu to Kakome shall be carried out by ship or fast boat. The impression
to make is the one going towards a special adventure by ship.”


Kakome Bay Project – Background

For several years, the ownership of the bay of Kakome has been a matter of a
dispute between the Albanian state and the inhabitants of the village of Nivice,
Albania, which is located nearly 10 km away from the bay. There has been a
lawsuit concluded in 2010, where in all the three court instances (first instance,
court of appeal, supreme court) the Nivice inhabitants claims were announced
unfounded. In all three court instances was ruled that the land is state owned.
After the state ownership of the land has been confirmed by the court, “Riviera
Kakome” Ltd. has initiated a privatization procedure, which was successfully
finalized in the first quarter of 2012, and today the company is the only owner of
the whole area of the Bay of Kakome, where construction development is possible.
Now, the main company goal is to find experienced international partners together
with whom to elaborate a sustainable and profitable project for the optimal
development of one of the finest spots in the entire Mediterranean area.